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When selecting a garage door opener, prioritizing safety features is crucial to ensure the protection of your family, pets, and belongings. With their cutting-edge safety features, today’s garage door openers improve security and avert mishaps. Here are essential safety features to look for:

Auto-Reverse Mechanism: This feature employs sensors to identify objects in the garage door’s path so that it can close. The door automatically reverses direction if it detects an object or person to avoid harm or damage.

Rolling Code Technology: This feature, which is also referred to as security code technology, makes sure that every time the remote control is used, it transmits a different code signal to the opener. It prevents unauthorized access by burglars who might attempt to capture the signal.

Manual Release Mechanism: In case of a power outage or malfunction, a manual release mechanism allows you to open and close the garage door manually. It is crucial for emergencies.

Motion Detection Lighting: Some garage door openers include motion-sensing lights that illuminate the garage when motion is detected nearby. It enhances security by discouraging potential intruders and providing visibility at night.

Battery Backup: Ensures that your garage door opener continues to function during power outages. It allows you to operate the door generally until power is restored.

Secure Wall Control Panel: A wall-mounted control panel with a security lockout feature prevents unauthorized access. It also includes buttons for opening and closing the garage door from inside the garage.

Safety Sensors: These sensors are placed near the floor on either side of the garage door opening. They emit an invisible beam that, if broken by an obstruction, signals the door to stop closing and reverse its direction.

Force Settings: Adjustable force settings allow you to customize the amount of force used to open and close the garage door. It ensures that the door operates smoothly without exerting excessive force.

Selecting a garage door opener with these safety features increases security and gives you comfort in knowing that your house and garage are safe. At Durham Garage Door Guys, we recommend prioritizing these features when selecting a new garage door opener to ensure the safety and well-being of your household.